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Customer Satisfaction Survey

DearSir or Madam:

Hello!Thank you very much to participate in our CustomerSatisfaction Survey. To better understand your transportation needs andexpectations, to provide you with better service, we invite you to participatein the Intermodal Station Customer Satisfaction Survey. Please answer thequestionnaire based on the actual situation, welcome your valuable comments.

1When you receive the product, is it product packaging intact? ( )

A.intact B. damaged C. generally intact D. Other

Ifyou have questions about the product packaging, please describe your problem(picture better) :

PackagingPicture                  Description of the package



2When you receive the product, is it the product intact? ( )

A.intact B. damaged C. generally intact D. Other

Ifyou have questions about the product quality, please describe your problem(picture better) :

ProductImage                     Description of Product Quality



3.when the goods arrived, whether active service personnel to assist you inhandling. ( )

A.Help   B. After the initiative to helphandling your request for assistance   C.does not help

4which of the following aspects of transport you are satisfy: ( )(multiple-choice )

A.good resources B. resource with excellent service and good attitude C.punctuality high accuracy   D. Safe    E. good service staff safe    F. Company's image quality is good

5Are you satisfied with the transport of this place: ( ) (multiple-choice)

A.Delivery   B. Price   C. Payout Distribution   D. Time   E. Safety   F. After-service    G Other

6What is intermodal station currently problem ( ) (multiple-choice)

A.improve mention / delivery punctuality B. improve the accuracy of theinformation feedback stage C. Reduce missing or damaged D. Enhanced servicessuch as special operations security incidents E. Other

7What do you think the most to be improved to enhance the content is: ( )(multiple-choice)

A.enhance the quality of customer service of   B. to improve the efficiency

C.lower service prices

D.enhance employee safety awareness and increase security measures

E.improve service attitude also improve staff professional technical level

8All the issues into account, how do you think the overall level of servicecompared to intermodal station and your expectations?

Good□accord □ poor □ other matches

9Thank you for completing this questionnaire outside opinions andrecommendations (Your comments and suggestions are important to us!)

10.What would you most like intermodal station to do? (Your needs will help us evaluateand improve service quality, help you work faster and better wealth creation)





Onceagain, we sincerely thank you for supporting us. We will accord to yourcomments and suggestions to us, our service to you better. I hope we canaccompany you to greater success in their careers!

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